Carlos Toraño, 59, is a third-generation cigar manufacturer; his son Charlie is fourth-generation. Together they run Toraño Cigars, building on a cigar-making tradition that dates back to 1916 when Carlos Toraños grandfather immigrated to Cuba from Spain. In 2002, with a "solid marked and serious smokers," Toraño used its family tradition to provide top-quality premium cigars to retailers and consumers. Along with making cigars for such names as C.A.O. and the Newmans, Toraño has released its own lines of cigars from the Dominican Republic, Honduras and Nicaragua where he owns a factory in each. Carlos Toraño believes in creating complex blends for the "maturing and demanding smoker." He also believes in attaching his familys history to his cigars instead of being a faceless company. "Our goal," says Toraño, "is to build brand awareness by personalizing our cigars with consumers and offering them the best value."

C Torano
The filler tobacco for these cigars is a balanced blending of prime leaf grown in Honduras and Nicaragua. They are then bound in a Havana-seed Nicaraguan leaf and finished with a toothy African Cameroon wrapper. Before boxing, each cigar is slid into a cedar sleeve. These cigars have a slow burn and smooth quality, as well as a woodsy finish.

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